World's leading supplier of artificial turf, courts, tracks and surfaces

Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) is the leading global manufacturer of polyurethane-based materials, acrylic coatings and synthetic turf products for sporting and recreational applications. With manufacturing facilities in Australia and USA, APT is the world’s only vertically integrated sports surface manufacturer.

APT is committed to advancing the technology, performance and sustainability of artificial turf and synthetic surfaces by offering the world’s most trusted product brands, including Laykold, Poligras, SYNlawn, LigaTurf and Rekortan.

We have designed and developed surfaces used at major sporting events including Olympic and Commonwealth Games, US Open Tennis and World Athletics Championships. And these same elite-quality products are also installed at schools, local councils and backyards all around the world.



Poligras was installed for the first time in Sweden in 1975 and was selected for the Olympic Games in Moscow 1980. Since then, Poligras has become the first choice for major hockey events around the world. Poligras has featured at seven Olympic Games, including Moscow, Seoul, Sydney, Beijing, London, Rio and Tokyo, and will also be the official playing surface for Paris 2024.


SYNLawn is the world’s leading brand of artificial landscaping and recreational grass, made in Australia from Australian made yarn and featuring exclusive COOLplus Technology. SYNLawn artificial grass is low maintenance, requires zero watering and delivers a lush, green lawn all year round. With warranties of up to 15 years, our range offers products suitable for landscaping, pets, playgrounds and golf.



Rekortan running tracks have always been good for setting records. Even the name suggests a record-breaking product, as it originates from the German word “Rekord.” The “tan” part of the name comes from “Tartan.” The artificial surface celebrated its debut at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico, and ever since has been the global standard for high-performance running tracks for international competitions, training facilities and school sports facilities. Most recently, Rekortan was chosen for three Diamond League venues, the Asian Games and the Southeast Asian Games.



The incredible success story of the LigaTurf brand began over 16 years ago and to this day the artificial turf continues to serve as the preferred surface at elite-level stadiums, training centres and sports clubs around the world. As the first football turf system to feature a straight monofilament, LigaTurf sparked a revolution in the artificial turf market. Often imitated but never duplicated, LigaTurf remains one of the most popular FIFA-certified football turf systems. 



Laykold is currently the leading sports surface for the biggest tennis events in the USA and Canada. Seven of the 12 most important hard-court tournaments are played on Laykold, including the U.S. Open, the Western & Southern Open, the Miami Open, the Canadian Open, the Dallas Open, the Winston Salem Open and Tennis in the Land (Cleveland). Its proven quality and excellent playing characteristics not only make Laykold the ideal surface for tennis, but an attractive sports surface for basketball courts in urban areas, too.

The Champions of Synthetic Turf

Sport Group is the world leader in synthetic turf with the most iconic sports surface brand of all, AstroTurf, spearheading our portfolio. Here in Australia, APT Asia Pacific manufactures over 100 different types of artificial turf, with approximately 80% of them featuring yarn made by us. We are the only synthetic turf manufacturer to make yarn in Australia.

Our world-renown brands such as Poligras, LigaTurf, Supergrasse and Omnicourt, cater for a wide range of sports including basketball, hockey, tennis, soccer, AFL, rugby, cricket, lawn bowls and multisport. Whilst our SYNLawn brand offers a large range of landscaping and recreational synthetic turf, which all feature APT’s exclusive COOLplus technology and our Australian made yarn.



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