Private Tennis Court, Kew Victoria, Australia

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Private Tennis Court, Kew Victoria, Australia

Agent: A.S Lodge Tennis Courts

This project consisted of the design, construction and installation of a full-sized private tennis court in Kew, Victoria.  The high-quality synthetic grass court was designed for a sloping block with extensive drainage and subgrade problems.

Additional problems were discovered once the initial site cut was performed, so a new and partially suspended slab was designed to overcome the instability.  During construction further unstable subgrade was discovered and the pavement was redesigned to a suspended slab with additional beams and 40MPA concrete.

The court had to be unobtrusive and ‘not look like a primary school yard.’  The olive coloured Matchplay with olive green sand infill resulted in a very natural and aesthetically pleasing court that met the client’s specific demands.

The surrounding fencing was also designed and constructed using recycled 200 x 200 timber posts and beams.  Stainless steel mesh was then suspended between the posts making the fence near invisible.

Water is harvested from the court with a 100,000-litre water tank installed beneath the surface, which is also connected to the property irrigation system and toilets.

Finishing off with drink fountains, 6 x 550 lux LED blade lights and a basketball tower, this family home now has a tennis court with a 100-year life expectancy.

Image of a group of people playing basketball on APT's Matchplay surface