World Athletics has changed its name to ‘World Athletics’

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World Athletics has changed its name to ‘World Athletics’
After 100 years the World Athletics has run its last race.
Did you know the World Athletics has changed its name to ‘World Athletics’?
The new name was chosen to be more easily understood outside of athletics. World Athletics gives the organization a broader positioning and is part of the sport’s modernization. The new branding is designed to be more accessible and come to life digitally.
Track certifications will change Sport Group’s brands, Polytan, APT and AstroTurf, together with our network of agents lay more than 2 million square meters of track annually so we wanted to help communicate the name change.
There is now a process to change the track certifications and World Athletics is modifying all their documents including new certification badges. Therefore, World Athletics Class 1 and 2 tracks will now be certified as World Athletics Class 1 or 2.
As 25% of all World Athletic certificated tracks are by Sport Group we are also updating our materials.
It will take time to get used to the new name. The World Athletics name has been around for over 100 years and Rekortan, our global track brand, has been around 50 years so they have run many races together

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