7 Fun Basketball Games to play on your Home Court

Basketball is becoming increasingly popular in Australia and participation comes with a range of benefits. From better fitness, greater immunity, improved co-ordination and of course the social aspect, it comes as no surprise that people are playing more.

Passionate ballers are even getting a basketball court installed in their backyard so they can play at any time of the day! If you’ve got your own surface at home, here are seven fun games that are not only enjoyable but will help improve your skills.

1. Twenty-one

This is essentially a game of one vs one where the first player to score 21 points wins. If they go over 21 points, however, their score is reduced to 11. Following each winning shot, either that player or the losing player starts the next possession depending on the rules you decide to follow. This is a game of defence and offence and can easily be adapted for teams of 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 and so on!

2. Knockout

With two basketballs, players line up behind the free throw line. The first player takes a shot and immediately after, the second player takes their shot. If the first player misses, they’ have to rebound their own ball and retake a shot (from anywhere). The second player does the same, and if they make their shot before the person in front of them, the first player is eliminated. If the first player makes the basket first, they pass the ball to the next person in line, and they shoot a free throw, and then follow up a miss from anywhere. Whenever the player behind hits their shot before the other person, they knock them out. The game keeps going until one player is left the winner.

3. Around the world

This game involves making shots one after another from multiple spots in an arc around the court. Each player shoots from the first spot, and if they make it, they move to the next spot and get another turn. If they make that, they continue to the next spot and so on. Once they miss, the next player shoots, and they continue moving from spot to spot until they miss. The first player to go all the way round wins the game.

4. Musical baskets

Similar to the children’s’ game musical chairs, you’ll require the same amount of basketballs as there are players and a device to play some music. All the balls need to be placed in a circle which the players walk around, until the music stops. Then all players need to grab a basketball, make a shot, and sit down once they make it. The last person standing is eliminated and the game restarts with one less ball and player. The last one standing is the winner.

5. Basketball relay

Two teams line up along the baseline and the first player in each team dribbles a basketball to the opposite baseline or half court and then back again. Once they return the second player receives the ball, and they also dribble up and back. Each player repeats this process and the first team to have all their players complete the relay wins.

6. Horse

To play this game the first player must invent a shot, explain it to the other players and then take the shot. Examples of a type of shot can be hopping on one leg, shooting from a tough angle or throwing the ball between their legs. If they make the shot, then the next player tries to replicate it. Each time a player misses their shot they are given a letter, starting with H for HORSE and the ball moves to the next player and so on. When a player’s letters spell the entire word HORSE, they are eliminated. The last player standing wins the challenge.

7. Dribble limbo

Many people already know the game limbo where a person must limbo under a pole while by only bending backwards. This game adapts this by combining it with dribbling a basketball. After every player has either succeeded or failed once, the pole is lowered and the players who succeeded in the first round get to limbo and dribble again. This continues until only one player is left and declared the winner.

These games are perfect for people of all skill levels to enjoy. All you need is a ball, a friend, and a court! They’ll help keep you active, develop your skills further and provide endless hours having fun. If you want more information on installing your own home basketball court, call APT on 1800 652 548.