APT (Advanced Polymer Technology) is the leading global manufacturer of polyurethane-based materials, acrylic coatings and synthetic turf products for sporting and recreational applications.

From the biggest international sporting stages to leading schools and Aussie backyards, APT has been providing world-class artificial surfaces since 1994. APT has:

  • TWO award-winning, ISO-certified manufacturing facilities located in Melbourne, Australia and Pittsburgh, USA.
  • NINE leading artificial surface systems including Laykold, Rekortan, SYNLawn, Poligras and LigaTurf
  • A GLOBAL network of distributors, partners and installers worldwide
  • Over 150 EMPLOYEES worldwide

APT in Melbourne is the largest sports and recreational distribution facility in the southern hemisphere, consisting of three separate plants for each extrusion, tufting and acrylic coatings.


Our vision is to transform the sports surface industry through exceptional innovation and a passion for excellence. In order to achieve this, we use these company pillars for guidance and a measurement of success:


By putting sustainability at the centre of our business, all our decisions around processes, policies and products, will be about striking a harmonious balance between the environment, people and economics. APT is determined to collaborate with suppliers and customers to put sustainability at the heart of our business which will act as one of the key levers for our continued success. 


By creating the industry’s only fully integrated global supply chain, APT has always strived to deliver 360° transparency, trust and reliability for its customers, end users and the industry overall. By having complete ownership over our manufacturing & supply process including significant investment in R&D, APT has the ability to deliver on the individual needs and wants of customers at every step of the journey.


APT maintains an internationally recognised and accredited quality system to ensure that our products and services meet industry and customer expectations. We are proud to be the only synthetic turf manufacturer in Australia with quality certified by the International Standards Organisation (AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015), so you can be assured that you are getting the very best product on the market.


APT is committed to enriching the lives of the community, through the provision of superior sports, recreational and protective surfaces. We believe every community has the right to safe, reliable and high-quality products that strengthen and add value to every community.