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When is the best time to install artificial grass?

If you are thinking about installing artificial grass, one of the considerations might be whether the timing is right, both for your specific circumstances and the time of year. There are a variety of reasons why homeowners make the switch from real grass to artificial turf.

Let’s look at some of the main reasons and then find out whether it’s best to install your new turf in one season over another.

When should you install artificial grass?

Building a new home

A brand new home gives you a completely blank canvas to work with inside and out, which makes it an ideal time to install artificial grass. The benefits of installing artificial turf at this point are endless. For example, you do not need to install a watering system, worry about weeds growing all over the new lawn or buying a whipper snipper and lawn mower. You also have an outdoor space that is immediately ready to enjoy.

When lawn maintenance becomes too much

Most of us get fed up with the constant upkeep of natural lawns, especially during spring and summer, and paying someone to do this can add up to a lot of money over the course of a year. This makes installing artificial turf a great and affordable option since it requires only a fraction of the maintenance compared to real grass. Fake lawn also continues to look fabulous year after year, which cannot be said of real grass – unless it is maintained well. So, if you seem to be spending more time mowing, weeding or grimacing at ugly bare patches, it might be time to consider low maintenance artificial turf.

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You want a putting green!

It might seem like an extravagance, but if you love golf, then your very own putting green in your backyard is a necessity, not a luxury! Being able to practice your putting shots or even chips at home makes complete sense, as it will allow you to practise around the clock and save you money at the course. You can install any size or shape putting green in your backyard, including slopes, dips, hills, water features and even sand traps.

Does the season make a difference?

When it comes to installing artificial turf, the season does not make any real difference. Many homeowners decide to install it in the spring and summer, simply because it is warmer, and their minds tend to turn more towards outdoor activities. While there are some differences between the seasons, there is nothing that should make a big difference to your decision.

Spring: Warmer weather makes it more pleasant to work outside, but make sure the installation does not harm your spring plants that are in full growth mode.

Summer: Longer days make it faster to install artificial turf, but it can also be hotter outside to work. Artificial grass can, however, naturally acclimatise better in summer than in other seasons.

Autumn: A lack of summer rain can make the ground hard to excavate, whilst too much rain makes it too boggy. Pick the right time however, and your installation will run smoothly.

Winter: Shorter days can extend the installation times, but there is less chance of damaging your plants because most are inactive during the winter.

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