APT Synthetic Coatings

APT Synthetic Coatings

Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) is committed to innovative solutions for the synthetic coatings industry through progressive polyurethane technology.  We offer a complete line of no odour, two-component, 100% solids primers available for both concrete and asphalt bases, 100% solids PUR coatings for concrete, asphalt, wood and metal, as well as traditional solvent-containing coatings for concrete applications.

Our synthetic coatings cover a variety of options from flooring to parking decks and roofing.


Qualiroof® Systems offer reliable, long-lasting waterproofing protection for flat and low sloped roof from residential to industrial roofs. Applying APT’s Qualiroof heat reflective technology you can measurably see the difference reflecting up to 80% more sunlight off a roof. This can drastically improve the living conditions in your home, garage and workplace by dramatically reducing the temperature inside by as much as 30%. Next time you walk to the mail box and receive your electricity bill, just remember there is now something you can do to assist in cooling your house all-year-round, without having to use power! The Qualiroof® Liquid-Applied System includes:
  • Seamless, self-levelling membrane.
  • High solids and solvent free systems.
  • Easy application. Low odour.
  • High Performance: PUR provides durable wear protection, excellent oil, chemical and weather resistance.


Qualideck® Flexible Coating Systems are designed to provide superior protection for concrete substrates against moisture intrusion and deterioration from chlorides and chemicals.  Flexible structures also require a flexible coating system.

Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) is committed to innovative solutions for the synthetic coatings industry through progressive polyurethane technology. This pursuit of excellence has resulted in the development and manufacture of a broad range of Qualipur high performance Synthetic Products, used in a multitude of applications worldwide. Even though APT products meet and exceed industry standard, the quest for even better solutions continues.



Qualifloor® Coating Systems are designed to provide long term protection for concrete and asphalt substrates against moisture intrusion, chemical and traffic deterioration.

The high performance Qualifloor® Systems can be tailored to specific needs:

  • Aesthetics: Clear or pigmented options available, can be used alone or with flake/paint chips or coloured sand.
  • Highly Resistant: High chemical, abrasion, and impact resistance.
  • Safe: 100% solids, low odour, low V.O.C., safe for workers and building occupants.
  • User Friendly: Fast curing primer-less Product.
  • Quick Curing: Exceeds industry standards for turnaround time.