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Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) is a leading manufacturer of synthetic turf products. From the London Olympic stadiums to your own backyard, we provide people around the world with safe, reliable, and high-performing protective and recreational products. 

APT has been making engineered sports and leisure surfaces for over twenty years.  Our entire range of products is regarded as being amongst the best in the world.

Our products are visible and the hardest working component of an engineered sport or leisure surface.  We leave nothing to chance in the production of our sports surfaces, by manufacturing all of our products ourselves. In order to ensure a consistently high level of quality, the production process at APT starts with the formulation and production of individual components. After all, it is only possible to manufacture our top of the range products if the raw materials and composition used fully comply with our requirements.

How is Synthetic Turf Made?

Plastic Pellets

The Manufacturing Process of Synthetic Turf: Step 1

It all starts with bags of plastic pellets, this is the base material for the turf. Our “master batches”, are key factors in determining the specific properties of the turf filament, for example its fibre resilience, elasticity and surface temperature. The APT Yarn advantage begins way down at the molecular level.

Advanced production facilities are used to create premium system components with precisely defined features, which are combined to form different products depending on the intended use. This results in sports surfaces with outstanding sport physiology-related properties, which enable an optimum user experience over the course of many years.

Step 2 - Extrusion

Extrusion: Step 2

Equipment melts and extrudes the plastic, this is then cooled and solidified.  Machinery pulls the strands through an enormous comb which helps keep them separated whilst they head to the next station.  The extrusion process all takes place in our 7500m2  ISO approved facilities located in Dandenong South, Melbourne, Australia.

Step 3 - Stretching and Spooling

Stretching and Spooling: Step 3

Rollers stretch the strands until they become as thin as real grass, the stretching also strengthens them.  Spools now roll up the synthetic strands. Once the spools are filled they are removed.  

Next several spools are unwound at a time.  The strands come together to form a multiply synthetic yarn.  The yarn travels over guides, this keeps it from slacking as a big spool winds it up.

Step 4 - Backing and Tufting

Backing and Tufting: Step 4

Further down the production line, mesh fabric merges with synthetic sheeting while the multiply synthetic yarn travels through tubing to a tufting machine. The tufting machine is a giant sowing machine that has up to 250 needles.  These needles hook the yarn through the mesh synthetic sheeting.  They make hundreds of rows of stitches per minute.  Underneath small knives cut the looped yarn so it looks like spikes of grass. 

Sep 5 - Protective Coating

Protective Coating: Step 5

A plastic coating is applied to the back of the turf, this binds the looped web of artificial grass to the backing.  This backing is dried, when exiting the drying area, hot pins burn holes into the turf to make it water permeable.  Our facility produces on average 30T per week of fibrillated and mono-filament yarns,  knit de knit (Hockey or Lawn Bowls) texturised and dual colour yarn assembly running 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Step 6 - Quality Check, Package and Ship

Quality Check, Package and Ship: Step 6

All our products are quality checked prior to packaging and shipping to our network of qualified installers.

As you can see this process is a whole lot faster than
waiting for grass to grow

A flair for Innovation

We continue to improve and expand our product line to keep up with the highest industry standards and, more importantly, the needs of our customers.  With our recognised flair for innovation backed by a robust investment in research and development this has been fundamental to APT’s ability to deliver a constant flow of improvement, seeing new higher standards and satisfying not only the requirements of major sporting bodies, but home owners worldwide.

Specify an APT turf today to ensure the best performance, reliability and long life.

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