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Australian Made APT Yarn

APT Asia Pacific is one of the world’s foremost synthetic yarn manufacturers. Our yarns are made in Australia and ideally suited for Australian conditions. APT yarns have inbuilt proprietary features not found in other yarns. They are purpose suited, manufactured with ISO quality assurance, proven by continuous testing going back 25 years and backed by a generous warranty.

APT Yarn - Allunga Exposure Lab Test
MONTHLY RADIATION FALLOUT IN W/M2: Those who live in the northern hemisphere can only imagine the high levels of Ultraviolet radiation that bombard Australia in summer. It’s no accident that APT have developed the world’s best ways of standing up to it.
APT Yarn - Monthly Radiation World Map

Heat Testing in Townsville, Queensland
At the Allunga Exposure laboratory in Townsville, where the tropical heat is high and the UV content of natural light is extreme, we monitor fading and tensile strength loss. We also run simultaneous accelerated testing on APT yarns as well as yarns sourced from other manufacturers around the world.

Southern Hemisphere Heat
The Allunga Exposure Laboratory is accredited with the Australian National Association of Testing. Authorities, specialising in materials testing and durability evaluation. Allunga is a global reference for natural and accelerated exposure testing. At Latitude 19° South, the sun passes directly overhead twice each year. The region has a harsh tropical climate that is ideal for weathering and durability testing.

Some yarns are no bargain at any price!
The lure of lower price can be tempting. Yarns that imitate ours do not behave in the same way, nor do they have the same endurance.

Customers are entitled to rely on a supplier’s assertion that theirs is a quality product, one that will live up to expectations and deliver a long service life. APT gives that assurance and stands by it.

We know whose yarns will last when put to the test. We know whose yarns are most at risk of failure, and what will make them fail. We know in precise commercial terms the advantages of using yarns that are designed for, and proven in, the Australian environment.

Australian Made APT Yarn Benefits

Contaminant Free Polymers: APT polymers are clean and safe. There are no contaminants that could cause ongoing reactions and ultimately mechanical failure of the yarn.

Designer aesthetics that suit the Australian environment: We work closely with sports administrators, stadium owners and landscape designers. We offer them an unmatched set of grass types, colour palette and other aesthetic options.

UV Stabilised: APT’s proprietary, in-house masterbatch formulation empowers our yarns with unmatched resistance to the degrading effects of light. For Australian use this is vitally important.

Heat Stabilised: APT uses up to 24 unique components to produce a stable and long-lasting formulation.

Precise Synergistic Formula: APT uses up to 24 unique components to produce a stable and long-lasting formulation.

Safe Pigments:  APT uses only safe pigments that meet global standards and do not pose a health risk. They are a safe alternative to inorganic pigments, which can pose a health risk if they contain heavy metals.

Compatible Pigments: The pigments we use are a stable mix. They cannot act as catalysts causing ongoing reactions resulting in colour changes and physical degradation.

Research and Development: By processing feedback and responding to new ideas and custom requests, APT have developed a product range comprising exactly what our Australian customers want. It’s survival of the fittest, on harsh playing fields.

Quality Assurance: APT quality is certified by the International Standards Organisation (AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008).

APT Warranty: APT yarns are the quality benchmark in many markets. We stand behind everything we make with a comprehensive, generous warranty.

First Quality Raw Materials: APT uses the highest grade raw materials, rejecting anything that doesn’t meet internal quality standards.

Pre-Purchase Checklist

If you are still unsure if your supplier is using a quality yarn, use our checklist to rate how other manufacturers yarns stack up against APT. Any price comparison with competitors’ yarns should be made with this checklist in mind. Every feature marked ‘yes’ adds value, every ‘no’ or ‘not sure’ or ‘unconfirmed’ reduces the value of that supplier’s product.

Contaminant free polymers   
First quality raw materials   
Precise synergistic formula   
UV stabilised   
Heat stabilised   
No heavy metals in pigments   
Compatible pigments   
Developed for the Australian sports and landscaping market   
25 years exposure testing in Australian environment   
ISO Quality Assurance   
Do you know where your yarn comes from?   

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