Australian Made

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Australian Made

APT Asia Pacific (APT) is one of the world’s foremost synthetic yarn and polymer coating manufacturers. Our products are made for domestic and international distribution and are used in a wide variety of protective surfaces, sports and recreational activities.

Our yarns are made in Australia and have inbuilt proprietary features not found in other yarns. They are purpose suited, manufactured with ISO quality assurance, proven by continuous testing, research and development going back 25 years and backed by a generous warranty.

On a global scale, APT’s award winning manufacturing plant is the largest sports and recreational distribution facility in the southern hemisphere. From R&D to fully integrated production capabilities, through to sales, installations and service, APT are proud to provide Australian made products that support the Australian economy and community.

Our Victorian based Extrusion Plant, is the ONLY Australian based extrusion plant in the country and produces over 2,400 tonnes of yarn annually!

Where does it all go?
Well, a large portion of the yarn produced is moved into our onsite tufting plant, and the remainder is exported to numerous locations, such as Asia and the USA just to name a few.

The APT tufting plant transforms the yarn into surfaces built for a range of sporting and recreational activities. From Golf, Bowls, Hockey, AFL, Football, Rugby and more, our customers know their sporting surfaces are built with the highest quality ingredients, manufacturing processes and inbuilt qualities to withstand any environment.

Additionally, APT also manufacture and distribute all latex and polyurethane (PU) components that are utilised within the sporting, construction, landscaping and chemical industries worldwide.

Guided tours of our facility can be arranged by appointment. Please contact our sales and customer service team today to make an appointment. Come and learn about the differences in yarn types, manufacturing processes and what to look for when selecting your synthetic yarn provider.

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