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Transforming the business of sport & space
Vibrant sport and leisure are a vital heartbeat of all our communities and therefore deserve the very best products and solutions. And in a changing world of urban restrictions, technological explosions and sporting diversity, a ‘carpet and construction’ approach is no longer good enough.

SportGroup sells and installs more synthetic turf sport fields and athletic tracks globally than any other business. Our knowledge, scale and vision is transforming the synthetic sports surface industry.
Sport Group company brands: Astroturf, APT, Polytan, Melos, SYNLawn.

Sport Group is the world’s largest business dedicated to sport surfaces.
From Olympic hockey venues to Bayern Munich, from the Astrodome in 1966 to the athletic track in Beijing, our brands, products and innovations have enriched the experience of athletes and fans around the world.

Members of the Sport Group
Polytan, Melos, APT, AstroTurf, SYNLawn