Go Parkey: From Basketball court to Art Canvas

Go Parkey was born in Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, (2019) with a simple yet powerful idea: to transform public spaces into works of art. The founder, a lifelong basketball player himself, was inspired by his own childhood spent honing his skills on public courts. Since its inception, Go Parkey has dedicated itself to reviving rundown outdoor basketball courts. They partner with local artists to create unique and colourful designs, transforming these spaces into museum-level art projects. This not only beautifies the environment but also breathes new life into neighbourhoods throughout Japan.

Go Parkey’s mission goes beyond aesthetics. They believe that art has the power to foster a stronger sense of community. By creating engaging, creative, and inspiring spaces, they encourage residents to connect with their surroundings and develop a deeper sense of pride for their neighbourhood.

As a partnering agent of APT, Go Parkey was awarded the prestigious 2023 Project of the Year at the Sport Group Asia Pacific Project Partner Awards. This recognition was for their stunning blue and green court in Okubo Park, a collaboration between the artist Fate, the NBA 2K Foundation, and the Kevin Durant Foundation, which has brought them into the spotlight with an allegiance of fans.

The team is back with another beautifully designed project, “The Sun Breaking through Clouds”. This renovated basketball court is now open to the public at the Aqua Park in Saitama, Japan. Designed by the talented artist Noritaka Tatehana, the court is a testament to Go Parkey’s commitment to artistic excellence and community engagement.

Go Parkey-the sun breaking through clouds

Go Parkey brought the design to life using Laykold Advantage, which comes in a broad range of standard, vibrant and bespoke colours. The chosen products can withstand all weather conditions while providing great texture and grip, ensuring functionality and beauty. With their attention-grabbing designs, Go Parkey is making strides in transforming public spaces around the world. These once unused and worn-down courts are now vibrant hubs of activity, attracting people and events from all around. But this is just the beginning. As they continue to create stunning art projects and revitalize communities, they pave the way for a future where public spaces are not just functional, but also inspire creativity.