Force Reduction

Force Reduction

What is Force Reduction?
Force reduction refers to the ability of a surface to reduce the impact forces when compared to a concrete floor. Force reduction is also sometimes referred to as shock absorption.

Why is it important?
There are 2 primary reasons that force reduction is an important factor in sporting surfaces:

  • Player Comfort: Force reduction has been shown to be a clear indicator of player comfort. With force reduction of up to 17% Laykold Cushion surfaces provide an exceptionally high level of impact protection.
  • Injury Prevention: It is widely accepted that sufficient shock absorption is crucial in a high performing sports floor, in that it helps to reduce long term impact injuries among athletes of all ages.

What else should I know about cushioned sports surfaces?
When considering the characteristics of cushioned sports surfaces, in addition to force reduction you should also consider the energy return properties and the potential benefits for athletes. Understanding the difference between point elastic surfaces and mixed elastic surfaces, will help you choose the right level of cushioning for the end users.

Mixed elastic systems also provide a high degree of uniformity and are typically ranked in the higher classes of shock absorption per ASTM F2772 which is the international standard for indoor sports surfaces.

By engaging both types of elasticity in a surface system, the surface responds to impact both locally and across the wider surface area. As a result of this duel response, mixed elastic systems are widely regarded as one of the best sports flooring options in terms of comfort and safety.

A mixed elastic sports floor is a point elastic floor surface with area elastic properties. In particular, the shock absorption is significantly higher in comparison to point elastic floors.

APT provide an elite cushioned system that is ideally suited to outdoor sport surfaces, known as Laykold Gel. This product is unique amongst cushioned outdoor sports surfaces in that it is a mixed elastic surface, encompassing state of the art cushioning technology that is unique only to APT.

A further impressive characteristic of the Laykold Gel system is its energy return properties. In simple terms the Laykold Gel system doesn’t just absorb the force an athlete produces during competition, it also returns that energy to the athlete, greatly reducing fatigue and enabling a longer, faster more powerful performance