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Smart. Easy. Cool – HydroChill™ the evaporative cooling system

HydroChill™ is a pre-coated sand infill that can be added to new or existing synthetic lawns. HydroChill™ naturally holds moisture and can be activated through irrigation systems or a simple water hose. HydroChill™ patented technology has been developed through years of turf system research.

Either way, the effectiveness can last for days as the moisture is released. HydroChill™ is non-toxic and does not have negative environmental effects. Now you can control surface temperatures for your family and pets.

In the simplest terms HydroChill™ cools your lawn like nature cools your body.

Evaporative Cooling Technology
Perspiration is a natural means of thermoregulation called evaporative cooling. Evaporation of moisture from the skin’s surface has a cooling effect. Similarly, HydroChill™ has been shown to cool synthetic turf surfaces by working on the same principle. As the turf surface is heated by solar radiation, moisture stored in the HydroChill™ turf is released. Evaporating moisture removes heat, leaving a cooler more comfortable surface for the users.

When HydroChill™ is most effective
Ambient temperature outside doesn’t necessarily dictate surface temperature. The solar radiation time period, sun’s angle, cloud cover, wind and other elements all contribute to the temperature of the surface.

HydroChill™ provides maximum benefit when the sun is nearest the Earth, as shown in the solar radiation calendar. During the summer months in Australia, the sun is positioned overhead causing surfaces to absorb more energy resulting in hotter temperatures. The rotation of the Earth is also responsible for hourly variations in sunlight thus making HydroChill™ most effective during the hotter part of a clear day when most needed.

  • HydroChill™ utilises moisture to provide a cooling effect. Rainfall, dew and irrigation can help keep your lawn cool for days, depending on local conditions
  • HydroChill™ can be incorporated into all of APT’s in-filled lawn systems
  • HydroChill™ will not affect the durability or warranty of APT’s products
  • HydroChill™ is UV-resistant and should be re-treated every two years for maximum effectiveness

Download the HydroChill™ Brochure