Laykold Gel

Laykold Gel

Laykold® Gel is a revolutionary, technologically advanced, seamless cushioned court system manufactured utilising 60%+ renewable resources. The all-weather court surface offers a wide variety of benefits to all ages and ability. From recreational to professional athlete, Laykold Gel provides up to 17% force reduction enhancing player performance by reducing joint impact and body fatigue. The chemistry is complex but the result is simple.

The evolution of sports equipment over the last 30 years has been remarkable. Tennis racquets have become lighter, with far less vibration transfer to the forearm and elbow. Even tennis racquet string holes have been adjusted for increased racquet speed and power. Athletic apparel is utilising lighter weight, moisture wicking fabrics, some of which even provide UV protection. Modern materials are being used to construct balls with more consistent bounce and improved aerodynamics. Athletic footwear is not only sport specific but is now training specific.

There have been countless sports equipment and training aid improvements for decades. These developments have improved athletic performance and assisted athletes in performing at their very best for longer periods of time. Unfortunately, the most critical component for improving the game of tennis has received very little research and no significant development for many, many years.

The fact is most of the world’s most prominent tennis tournaments are STILL being played on surface systems that were developed during the tennis boom of the 1970’s, which lack the advancement of today’s modern technology. Fortunately, Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) has been working hard to bring modern chemistry and innovation to the tennis surface.

APT is using its chemical expertise to develop modern tennis surfaces and is helping the game of tennis catch up with the rest of the sports world. APT and Laykold proudly introduce the Laykold Gel system. Laykold Gel is a revolutionary, technologically advanced, performance enhancing tennis court system that is manufactured using 60%+ renewable resources. Laykold Gel is all-weather, seamless surface that provides up to 17%+ force reduction. Laykold Gel surfaces provide a variety of benefits to tennis players and athletes of all ages, sizes and ability. The chemistry is complex but the process is simple.

For athletes to remain healthy while achieving peak performance, their bodies need three key factors from a surface.

First injury prevention, Laykold Gel provides a high level of impact protection (up to 17%) from the repetitive rigors of training and competition.

Secondly, Laykold Gel is mixed elastic system which is far superior to point elastic systems. Mixed elastic surfaces minimize the depth of foot depression which protects an athlete’s knees and ankles from injury during high velocity and lateral changes of direction.

A further impressive characteristic of the Laykold Gel system is its ENERGY RETURN properties. In simple terms the Laykold Gel system doesn’t just absorb the force an athlete produces during competition, it also returns that energy to the athlete, greatly reducing fatigue and enabling a longer, faster more powerful performance!


What is Force Reduction?
Force reduction refers to the ability of a surface to reduce the impact forces when compared to a concrete floor. Force reduction is also sometimes referred to as shock absorption.

Why is it important?
There are 2 primary reasons that force reduction is an important factor in sporting surfaces:

  • Player Comfort: Force reduction has been shown to be a clear indicator of player comfort. With force reduction of up to 17% Laykold Cushion surfaces provide an exceptionally high level of impact protection.
  • Injury Prevention: It is widely accepted that sufficient shock absorption is crucial in a high performing sports floor, in that it helps to reduce long term impact injuries among athletes of all ages.


What is Energy Return?
Energy Return is the kinetic energy input stored in the deformed playing surface, that is returned when springing back.

Why is it important?
The energy expended on the playing surface with each step, stride or jump is returned to the athlete, increasing endurance and performance levels by reducing fatigue. Energy return also reduces recovery times after play.


Laykold Gel offers consistent, reliable footing with true fence-to-fence cushioning, a characteristic that had since been unheard of in the cushioned tennis and sport court market. Whether you are playing at the net or playing at the baseline, you can be sure that both ball speed and foothold will remain consistent.

What good is cushioning if it only lasts one season?
Under the old cushion technology, sport courts lose cushioning and will deteriorate over time as they age. Laykold Gel ground-breaking technology puts an end to that! By retaining its high level of cushioning throughout its life Laykold Gel cushion courts will retain 95% – 98% of their flexibility after 10 years!

Laykold Gel is unique amongst cushioned outdoor sports surfaces in that it is a mixed elastic surface, encompassing state of the art cushioning technology that is unique only to APT.