ProPlay form part of the shock-absorbing, low-maintenance surfaces provided by Schmitz Foam Products. As part of many of our Advanced Polymer Technology (APT Asia Pacific) product systems we specify that ProPlay be used as an integral part of the system structure.

ProPlay is the perfect surface for play equipment and is mainly used to prevent (head) injuries in the event of a fall, both indoors and outdoors.

ProPlayMP has been specially developed for playing fields and sports fields with artificial grass, which do not have stringent sports requirements, but are rather intended to provide playing fun, shock absorption and user comfort.

ProPlay provide many benefits. The closed-cell foam material combines impact protection with excellent drainage characteristics, easy installation, long-term stability and unrivalled wear resistance.

Unique characteristics
Both offer a low-maintenance surface, for example for artificial grass, while providing for the safety of playing children if they should take a fall. The characteristics remain the same in all weather conditions. Summer and winter, from the polar regions to the tropics, over the entire product lifetime.

ProPlay is the protective surface of choice for play equipment and children’s playgrounds, where impact protection and cost effectiveness need to be combined.

Protects over its entire lifetime
ProPlay was perfected as a surface for play equipment during a year-long research and development process conducted by Schmitz Foam Products. The deformation and shock absorption properties of the surface remain almost unchanged over its entire lifetime, irrespective of the intensity of use.

ProPlay consists of one or several layers, depending on the required level of impact protection, and can be easily installed on any surface. When the layer is compressed (on impact), ProPlay will absorb the energy of the fall. As soon as the pressure is reduced, ProPlay resumes its original shape.

Made-to-measure protection
ProPlay can be supplied in layers with a thickness of 25, 35, 45 and 55 mm, providing increasing levels of impact protection. With ProPlay, developers of playgrounds and playing fields have the choice of a made-to-measure, maintenance-free solution.

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