Taking Athletes Performance to the next level!

For professional athletes and ambitious runners, keeping a detailed log of your training session and performance is crucial. SmarTracks is the ideal solution. Working in conjunction with Humotion a sophisticated solution has been developed for documenting and enhancing training performance of athletes.


  • Intuitive design – no setup or dismantling required
  • Professional training log – efficient training plans
  • No limit to the number of athletes who can train at the same time
  • Protection against vandalism
  • Can be added to a new or existing project
  • Weather-resistant
  • Adaptable with other sports

SmarTracks systems provide effortless and precise data logging thanks to their built-in time recording systems. The measurement data is recorded automatically by a special sensor or smartphone carried by the runner for every lap of the track they make. Data, such as running time, distance, step frequency and step quantity, is documented in a professional training log. Pre-drafted training plans make it easy to compare and analyse your training performance. SmarTracks provide athletes and trainers with the perfect solution for increasing effectiveness and efficiency during training and prevent strain and injury from too much training.

Humotion SmarTracks timing gates are available for SmarTracks synthetic surfaces. Humotion provide the measuring system and server solutions.

Professional training log

  • Running and interval times
  • Distances
  • Speed
  • Step frequency and number
  • Step length and endurance
  • Jumping power
  • Sprinting ability
  • Tapping

Intelligent training

  • Analysing training level
  • Identifying performance reserves
  • Improving performance
  • Preventing injuries

Innovative technology

  • Fabric-based measurement sensors
  • High-quality magnetic gates
  • Time measurement system built into the track
  • Protection against vandalism
  • Weather resistant

Why Rekortan or Spurtan surfaces
SmarTracks installed on Rekortan and Spurtan surfaces will enable the highest level of athletic performance.