Laykold Gel at Corinthian Park Tennis Club, Perth, Australia

Corinthian Park Tennis Club is a thriving club in Perth, Australia. The club works hard to meet the ever-changing needs of their members.  

For example: 

  • The club recently added pickleball markings (pickleball has only just reached Australia). 
  • New lighting has been installed to support the requirement for more night tennis, due to the hot temperatures in Perth and wish for year-round tennis  
  • The introduction of new social tennis programs, such as ‘Aces & Ales’ to encourage a new audience. 

The club also recently installed Laykold Masters Gel tennis courts because they wished to upgrade the playing experience with force reduction courts.  

This was not just to support older players, but also to ensure that junior players and coaches were benefiting for the improved shock absorption and reduced fatigue and injury.  

The club when through a formal evaluation process before selecting Laykold Gel.  

In this video, Denzil Morrel, club president and Laercio Lobo, club coach along with Laykold installer Mark Tucker, discuss the process and the happy knees impact on the club.