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Considerations for implementing a multi-sports court in your home

If your family loves playing sports you might have considered installing a multipurpose court on your property. These courts can be designed for tennis, basketball, netball, and futsal for example, and can make a wonderful addition to your property. There are some key factors you need to consider before making your final decision.

Do you have enough space?

Clearly, if you are going to construct a multipurpose court on your property you need enough space to do so. You might need to clear the proposed area of structures or relocate sheds or outbuildings elsewhere on your property. You also need to know if your chosen site is suitable for your proposed development, so you might need a geotechnical analysis and a detailed survey of the land.

Do you need permits or planning permission?

Yes, you may need permits and planning permission to build a multipurpose court on your property, so an early council enquiry is important. Not talking to the council and going ahead with the build can land you in a lot of trouble. This can include fines or even a demand to demolish the court if you fail to obtain the correct permits or planning permission when it’s required.

How many sports do you want?

Each sport has different rules and require different specifications to be played, most notably in the lines on the court. The best way to identify which lines to use for the sport you are playing is to have different coloured lines, so you can easily see at a glance. That being said, there’s no point getting lines for a sport you’ll never play. So, decide carefully which markings you would like and get it designed accordingly.

APT multi game court

What surface will you need for your court?

The type of surface you select will depend on the type of sports you want to play on the court, as well as your budget and aesthetics The ongoing maintenance costs can play a huge factor, such as the large expenses related to a natural grass court versus those of a synthetic surface. Drainage is also another consideration because you don’t want the court flooded when it rains.

What type of lighting will you need?

Lighting is also another consideration, because each type of sport will require a different configuration. Lighting that might be perfect for tennis might shine in your eyes when you play basketball for example. This means that you might need to consult a sports lighting expert who can design a plan that works for your court.

Do you need additional fencing?

Stray balls may not only damage your own house exterior and windows, but they can also be annoying if they keep landing in the neighbour’s yard. So consider whether your current fences are sufficient and whether you need to replace the fences or increase their height. This will also depend on the location of the court on your property, but it can be annoying for both your family and neighbours if you are constantly going next door to retrieve balls.

What type of accessories do you need?

Don’t forget that you will need all the necessary supplies for each sport. This includes tennis nets, basketball and netball hoops, as well as all the different balls for each sport.

Building your own multipurpose court at home can be both exciting and challenging. If you feel that you need help with the design, site inspection, planning permission and anything else that’s required, call the expert team at APT Asia Pacific on 1800 652 548 or send us an email enquiry. We have accredited agents who specialise in designing and constructing sports facilities for residential properties.