What is Force Reduction?

Force reduction refers to the ability of a surface to reduce the force of impact when compared to a concrete floor. Force reduction is such an important factor in sporting surfaces for:

Player Comfort: Force reduction has been shown to be a clear contributor to improved player comfort and body fatigue during and after play.

Injury Prevention: Sufficient shock absorption is crucial in high performance sports flooring to reduce long term impact injuries among athletes of all ages.

APT is Leading the Force Reduction Revolution

Traditional hard courts are notoriously tough on the body, wearing down major joints such as the knees, hips and ankles, and creating lower back problems. APT’s Laykold Force Reduction cushioned courts give players the performance, consistency, pace and colour of hard court tennis, plus the added benefit of 14 – 21% force reduction.

In a nutshell, Force Reduction courts deliver less fatigue and reduce the risk of injury, which means you can play on Monday, and bounce back by Wednesday. And even join in on Saturday’s club day. Pain free! Force Reduction courts are better for players, clubs, facilities and for tennis, from grassroots to the professional circuit.

Along with a selection of surfaces within the Laykold Courts range, Force Reduction surfaces have also been developed for Laykold GymSports and Rekortan Tracks.

Giving Energy Back to the Athlete

Along with force reduction, another important performance quality of our gel systems is energy restitution. This is a surface’s ability to not only absorb the force of an athlete, but also return that energy to the athlete. This combination of force reduction + energy restitution greatly reduces body fatigue and promotes a longer, more powerful performance.

APT’s Laykold Masters Gel court system and Rekortan G-13 track system both offer superior force reduction and energy return properties making them the most advanced surfaces in the world.


Laykold Masters Gel-

The most advanced tennis court in the world

The flagship product of APT’s Force Reduction revolution, Laykold Masters Gel, delivers a step change in player and environmental performance. This Gel court combines force reduction with the responsive energy restitution that players love about hard courts.

  • 17% force reduction (a traditional hard court only has 3%)
  • 70% energy restitution (comparable to a traditional hard court)
  • Retains 98% of force reduction for 10+ years
  • Made from 60%+ renewable resources
  • US Open-quality top coats
  • 5-year warranty