Leading the Industry with Green Technology Products

APT has developed a wide array of products which feature our Green Technology. Green Technology combines advanced expertise from the plastics industry with the climate-protecting benefits of renewable raw materials, alternative technologies and recycling.

Our R&D approach follows the principles of eco design meaning that we heavily pursue the development of possibilities to increase the use of recycled/renewable input materials within our products. At the same time, the recyclability at the end of the products’ life cycles is promoted from the very beginning of the product engineering cycle. Thus, eco design thoughts are incorporated from the very start until the end of the product life cycle.


Creating hockey’s first carbon zero turf for Paris 2024

After 2 years of R&D APT & Sport Group have created the world’s first carbon zero hockey turf, which will provide the stage for the world’s best teams at Paris 2024. It marks a new Olympic standard for player and environmental performance.

Poligras Paris GT Zero

  • Carbon zero hockey turf
  • 80% biobased material (sugarcane)
  • Made with green energy
  • New backing for better CO2 balance
  • Requires less water