Care & Maintenance

Care and Maintenance


Artificial grass needs to be maintained on a regular basis to look and perform at an optimum level. There is a perception that artificial grass is maintenance free, but the reality is they require less maintenance than natural grass.

A crucial tip for maintaining your artificial grass is to do a little, often, rather than neglecting the lawn for a few months and being faced with a major maintenance program to restore your artificial grass to its optimum condition.

DEBRIS should be removed from your synthetic turf lawn on a regular basis to prevent organic matter building up in the turf structure. We recommend a debris removal which can be actioned with a leaf blower or plastic rake. Debris build-up may affect the drainage capabilities of your synthetic turf system and encourage weed growth.

ANIMAL FAECES should be removed manually from your synthetic turf lawn as soon as you find it and the area washed down with a warm soapy solution such is household washing up liquid. The faeces will not damage your synthetic turf lawn but will work its way into the synthetic turf structure. The longer it is left the harder is will be to clean out.

WEEDS Simazine is a herbicide of the Triazine class. The compound is used to control broad leaf weeds and annual grasses.

Moss/Algae: Wet and Forget: It has a unique combination of biodegradable selective surfactants for moss removal, mould removal and grunge removal on any exterior surface. Please remember to remove all dead matter including roots and sweep debris out of the turf structure.

STAIN REMOVAL Most stains can be removed from your synthetic turf lawn with warm soapy water, household grade detergent such as washing up liquid and “elbow grease”!! Heavy oil marks are removed using mineral spirits and a cloth; remembering to wash down the cleaned area with water to dilute the spirit residue.

BURNS For superficial burns in your synthetic turf lawn, carefully clip the pile with scissors just below the blackened or melted tips. For large deep burns you may need to replace that section of synthetic turf lawn therefore we recommend that you contact us for professional care.

VEHICLES Only light vehicles under 1-ton, fitted with wide, low-pressure tires (8-10psi) should be allowed on your synthetic lawn.

TAKE CARE: You should avoid using / taking the following items on your synthetic turf lawns:

Glass, tin or ceramics: Broken sharp objects can bury themselves into the turf structure and potentially cause injury or damage your synthetic turf lawn.

Cigarettes or hot works: Although your synthetic turf lawn has a fire safety rating, open flames and hot items may melt the fibre pile.

Chewing gum: Again this can be removed by freezing the gum and chipping it off the surface, but it is strongly recommended being avoided.

For more specific cleaning and maintenance instructions please contact our friendly staff.


Regular cleaning and maintenance of the Dynapoint surface is required to ensure the beneficial features of our Dynapoint sports floor are as to not cause damage.

1. For a period of up to 6 months after the delivery of your new Dynapoint Sports Floor the floor must be cleaned with a soft brush or pad and a cleaning solution consisting of 1 part pH 7 to 30 parts water.

2. It is important to prevent high soap concentrations in the cleaning solution this will result in a shiny and slippery soapy film. Furthermore, cleaning with water colder than 15ºC should be avoided as the soap will not dissolve at a low temperature.

3. More Care Information: Cleaning machines should be set at low speed (up to 150 rev./min.). Chewing gum residue can be removed with CO2 (carbonic acid). The use of a high-quality floor mat in the entry reduces the amount of dirt and sand deposited on the floor.


1. Daily Wiping or Dry Vacuum Cleaning Daily damp wiping or dry vacuum cleaning is necessary whenever the Dynapoint surface is dusty or the gym is used daily. Damp wiping can either be carried out manually (with damp mop/cleaning rag and bucket) or by machine. A cleanser may be added to the wiping water similar

a.Peerless Gymclean Sports Floor Maintainer

b. Agar pH 7 Floor Cleaner

Any cleaner should be a low foaming pH neutral detergent free from wax. Mixing ratios in water are according to the detergent manufacturer’s instructions. The cleaning detergent has a considerable influence on the durability of the surface. Prior to using a detergent for the first time it is prudent to spot test it in an inconspicuous location to ensure it does not have any adverse effect on the surface.

2. Wet Cleaning: Wet wiping is generally carried out once a week or as necessary. If suitable cleaning machines are used it is very important to observe the wheel load capacities. The machine should not exceed the maximum values stipulated below:

a. Wheel Load MAX 150 N

b. Ground Pressure MAX 0.5 mm2

A cleanser may be added to the wiping water. The cleaner should be a low foaming pH neutral detergent free from wax. If the use of a cleaning machine is employed it should not have an abrasive pad and should only have suitably soft rubbing brushes (if necessary de-foaming agents have to be added complying with the manufacturer’s instructions).

3. General Cleaning: General cleaning should be carried out after sporting events or as required depending on usage to prevent dirt build up. Any cleaning agent must be low foaming pH neutral free from wax, similar to:

a.Peerless Gymclean Sports Floor Maintainer

b. Agar pH 7 Floor Cleaner

During all these cleaning procedures care must be taken that water does not penetrate into the sub-construction at the ground sockets or edge zones. However, as this cannot be totally avoided, the ground sockets should be opened after cleaning and any water removed.

4. Removal of stains/stripes caused by shoe heels: Stains and stripes caused by shoe heels can be best removed by a solvent free cleaning paste or by cleaning powder. For this purpose, only light nylon pads may be used. Burns can be best removed by very gently rubbing steel wool with care not to scour the surface.

For specific cleaning and maintenance instructions please contact our friendly staff.