AFL Football Turf and Artificial Grass

We are seeing an increase in demand for more all-weather facilities which support the growing interest in AFL Sports. Our artificial football turf is the ideal grass substitute. At the end of each season we often see natural turf fields looking more like a sandpit than a football pitch which would take hours of man power and money to get back up to scratch for the next season of play. Most grass pitches begin deteriorating if used more than 20 hours a week, a synthetic field copes with more than 60 hours. Offering a consistent playing surface and requiring less maintenance which over a lifetime of a field can save both on the pocket and on the environment.

The popularity of the sport within communities are already seeing a struggle for suitable facilities that can accommodate the influx of young boys and girls wanting to get out on the field. A synthetic AFL surface opens up the ability to meet demands of a community.

Our systems are grounds for success


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Considering a synthetic field for your club or facilitiy? AFL/Cricket Australia endorse the playing of community level Australian Football and Cricket on a synthetic turf surface that meets the criteria in the AFL/CA Handbook of Testing for Synthetic Turf March 2018.