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SmarTrack systems provide effortless
and precise data logging thanks to their
built-in time recording systems
SmarTrack by Rekortan

Athletic Tracks and Running Surfaces

Designed for the current day athlete, our renowned athletic track systems are a diverse, world class
series of polyurethane running tracks that are unmatched in quality and performance. We offer
an option for high-end, Olympics level events and an option for smaller-scale competitions at
schools and community centres. Whatever your needs, our athletic tracks continue a tradition of
excellence, representing the most technologically advanced running surfaces in the world.

Our systems are built for speed

Athletic Track and Field Brands

We have a range of brands and systems to suit your specific needs


Rekortan is a surface that is ideal for best times, records and international elite sport. It offers flawless acceleration thanks to its high-energy return. With its structured surface, our Rekortan systems offer high-performance output while the robust design also ensures a particularly long lifespan. First debuted in 1969 Rekortan revolutionised the track world with quality and innovation, forever crowning our systems as “the fast tracks”. >>

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Spurtan is designed for the current day athlete, suited to all levels of athletics, from training through to competition. This unique, quick to install, sandwich track system is a popular all-weather track system, which also offers exceptional shock absorption, allowing for safe long-term training. >>


SmarTrack by Rekortan – Intelligent Track For Athletes and Coaches Who Want To Know More! SmarTrack systems provide effortless and precise data logging thanks to their built-in time recording systems. Measurement systems are built into the track using magnetic gates. >>

Selecting the right running track system for your athletes

Use our multi-system feature chart below along with the questionnaire to find which system is right for your needs.

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The System for you is:

Please refine your search, or select a system icon above. If you have further difficultites please contact us on 1800 652 548 to discuss your needs

The System for you is:

Rekortan® G-13 is our top performing, elite full PUR, World Athletics certified track system made from environmentally, renewable resources. We take great pride in Rekortan G-13’s base layer being comprised of renewable resources. This is the track of the future and our innovation is leading the way to helping our planet and your athletes be successful.

This full PUR system has a proven spike resistant top layer, little to no impact on force reduction properties over a wide temperature range and has been formulated to resist UV and bio-degradation in the world’s most demanding climates.

Read more about our top performing fast track system, Rekortan G13 >>

The System for you is:
Poligras Platinum COOLplus® System

Rekortan® M99 is a seamless fast track surface, with a focus on energy enhancement for elite athletes and project longevity. Ideal for best times, records and international elite sport. It offers optimum acceleration thanks to its high energy return. With its structured surface, this World Athletics certified system is ideally suited to major athletic stadiums due to high performance whilst the robust design also ensures a particularly long lifespan. It is formulated to resist UV degradation in the world’s most demanding climates.

This elite full PUR system has featured at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games and numerous Commonwealth Games. It has been the official surface of the Penn Relays since 1988. Penn Relays is the oldest and largest track and field competition in the United States, hosted annually since 1895 by the University of Pennsylvania at Franklin Field in Philadelphia.

Read more about our elite track system, Rekortan® M99 >>

The System for you is:

Rekortan® M our most popular, cost effective ‘sandwich system’ athletics surface which has excellent performance for training and competition, ideal for jumps and run-up facilities.

Rekortan® M is quick to install, easy to maintain and repair due to the liquid-applied top coating which allows for any damages to the surface to be repaired without full depth replacement.

Another major advantage of this versatile system is the ability to rejuvenate the surface by simply applying a 3-4 mm coating of polyurethane that is broadcast with EPDM granules.

Read more about our popular choice Rekortan® M system >>

The System for you is:

Rekortan® BS our budget, sprayed athletics surface solution which has excellent performance characteristics for training and competition, primarily used for running tracks, run-ups, sprint lanes and basic athletics facilities, a perfect solution for regional track, councils and school facilities.

The versatile, budget conscious system not only offers excellent shock absorption for sporting disciplines but it also meets specific levels of shock absorption required for soft impact surfaces used in playgrounds.

Read more about our popular choice Rekortan® BS system >>

World Athletics Certified
  • YES
  • NO
Seamless finish (free of joins)
  • YES
  • NO
Free of mercury, lead and other heavy metals
  • YES
  • NO
Force Reduction Technology
  • YES
  • NO
  • YES
  • NO
Full depth PU and EPDM rubber
  • YES
  • NO
Made from renewable resources
  • YES
  • NO
Contains recycled SBR rubber
  • YES
  • NO
Gel Technology
  • YES
  • NO
Finished surface texture
Spike resistant
  • YES
  • NO
Track life
  • 5 YEARS
  • 8-10 YEARS

Colour Options


After selecting your product and system of choice, the next steps to obtaining a new running track installation, renovation, or surfacing is to choose the right installer or contractor.
There are a few priorities to consider when making your selection, athlete safety, durability and performance of the running track and ensuring your investment is going to stand the test of time. Contact our customer service team to discuss your athletic facility requirements and we will recommend an accredited contractor to suit your needs.

The World Athletics have collated an extensive facilities manual which is extremely informative, download the Construction of the Track – World Athletics Track and Field Facilities Manual

Yes, our Athletic tracks do carry an Advanced Polymer Technology Asia Pacific Pty Ltd’s Warranty. The warranty is restricted to materials supplied by APT Asia Pacific only. It expressively excludes all other obligations or liability in connection with any matter or thing, the condition or quality of the Advanced Polymer Technology Australasia playing surface and further, including without limitation, damages for personal injury or damages related to lost revenue, increased costs, down time costs and all other indirect or consequential damages. If at any time during the Warranty period a client feels he/she has a valid warranty claim, and notifies us in writing, we will delegate a representative, within 15 days of the notification, for a joint inspection. If the claim is agreed as valid, then Advanced Polymer Technology Australasia Pty Ltd will carry out the repairs within a period of 30 days. Our technical and sales staff will be available at all times to advise on the care and maintenance of the surface or any questions you may have regarding our Rekortan and Spurtan product warranties should any need arise.

As with any investment in construction, proper maintenance is the key to ensuring the longevity of your facility. Prevention is always better than cure! Please ensure to download our care and maintenance guide. To help set up a sensible and effective maintenance program which can be implemented consult with us, or your chosen installer. We suggest that you evaluate your maintenance program twice a year (before/after the harshest weather periods and heavy use periods) to ensure it is still effective and to head off any issues before they arise. If and when you may need repairs please ensure you hire experienced and qualified contractors to perform the work, preferably an APT Accredited Installer, this will ensure durability, safety of your athletes and in peak performance.

Things to look out for on your athletics track that could be warning signs that you will need to start considering resurfacing or a replacing is if there is delimitation, cracks, areas of the track where the surface isn’t attached to the substrate, these are the less obvious signs which may go unnoticed by the untrained eye. There are the obvious high traffic area wear and tear, but if you are unsure, contact us or an APT Accredited Installer to assess your track.

Absolutely, please speak to one of our friendly staff to obtain the necessary specifications for our Rekortan or Spurtan product range.

World Athletics Certification

World Athletics Certification - Getting your track certified

The Certification System has been developed in response to the need for better quality products in top level competitions and the rapid developments in athletics equipment. It also recognises the growing trend towards international standardisation of product specifications. Designations such as World Athletics Approved or Authorised by World Athletics have been used to advertise products which may or may not have been submitted for testing by World Athletics. Despite ongoing checks at competitions, many products still appear on the market which do not meet the precise requirements laid down by the International Association of Athletics Federations.

To ensure your field is correctly certified, download the World Athletics Certification System Procedure Manual >>

Source: World Athletics Certification System Procedures Manual

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