Baseball And Softball

Baseball and Softball is slowly gaining popularity in Australia and New Zealand. With our eastern neighbours embracing the sport we have seen a huge increase in demand for the product. As outdoor sports facilities need to withstand a lot of wear and tear, many facility managers are opting for a synthetic field. A synthetic baseball field reduces both dependence on weather conditions and the costs and time for regular maintenance

Batter Up – Baseball is growing in popularity

APT - Supergrasse Baseball, the right system for your athletes

Supergrasse® Baseball and Softball synthetic turf systems have been designed to mimic the characteristics of a natural grass, while providing you with a low maintenance ballpark. You can convert a dusty, poorly used field into a bright and inviting facility that athletes love to play on, all year round. Aesthetically it resembles a well-manicured lawn, which is in-filled with sand and rubber, making the surface durable, soft and extremely popular with coaches and athletes. Supergrasse® systems are clean and free draining.

We can tailor your Supergrasse® field to meet your needs. You may prefer a faster surface on the base paths and infield, but then prefer a slower surface in the outfield to reduce the speed of balls in play. APT offers a product mix to suit your specific requirements.


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Backed by the Worlds Best

AstroTurf, who is also part of the Sport Group family have earned a reputation in the baseball world as a company devoted to providing the most naturally playing systems on the market. With there history and technology along with our local R&D APT can provide you with the perfect product for your baseball or softball field.

USSSA Space Coast Complex Teams Up with AstroTurf

The USSSA Space Coast Complex is the largest youth sports complex of its kind and it features the AstroTurf Diamond Series turf system on all 15 fields.

Gardner Webb

Gardner Webb University Baseball and Softball Facility

“Very soon, Gardner-Webb softball will play in one of the finest stadiums in the region. Our student-athletes deserve the opportunity to compete in a first-class facility, and this project signals that opportunity. Each player in our program will be thrilled to play in the new facility and every future player will be ecstatic to join a program with a ballpark of this calibre,” Cole shared. “Every former player will be proud to return to campus and see what we now have here. This is an exciting time for Gardner-Webb softball.”
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