Supergrasse® Baseball

Supergrasse Baseball System

In House Applied Coating

APT Shock Pad

Kiln Dried Silica Sand

Infill Rubber Granules

Product Design: 40mm pile height exclusive Polytex mono-filament sports yarn – incorporating spring-back technology for highest durability and play characteristics.

Supergrasse Baseball


No Rainouts! No Lips! No Bad Hops!Convert a dusty, poorly used field into a bright facility you can play on all year round!


Supergrasse® Baseball

Supergrasse® Baseball and Softball synthetic turf systems have been designed to mimic the characteristics of a natural grass, while providing you with a low maintenance ballpark. You can convert a dusty, poorly used field into a bright and inviting facility that athletes love to play on, all year round.

Aesthetically it resembles a well-manicured lawn, which is in-filled with sand and rubber, making the surface durable, soft and extremely popular with coaches and athletes. Supergrasse® systems are clean and free draining.

NO Rainouts! NO Lips! NO Bad Hops!

We can tailor your Supergrasse® field to meet your needs. You may prefer a faster surface on the base paths and infield, but then prefer a slower surface in the outfield to reduce the speed of balls in play. APT offers a product mix to suit your specific requirements. Supergrasse® provides:

  • Enhanced ball-roll and playability
  • Superior sliding characteristics
  • Sturdy footing
  • No glare
  • Less infill than competing systems - less splashing
  • Low maintenance in comparison to natural fields
  • Year round, all weather playability


All our synthetic surfaces comply with the current national and international standards, including all environmental requirements. The consistent high quality of our surfaces is ensured by 100% final inspection and testing according to our ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 9001 Certified System

 Force Reduction

APT’s shock pad is unique to the market as it is a paved in place, monolithic system, making it a completely seamless, stable surface. Adding an APT shock pad to your synthetic turf system gives you the best of all worlds, player safety, playability, and longevity of your turf.

Safety: The shock pad absorbs impact and provides uniform field stabilization and resilience.

Playability: A turf system with a shock pad will keep consistent shock absorbing properties over the life of the field. Shock pads offer superior Gmax values while still giving the impression of a stiff, fast field.

Longevity: The shock pad provides drainage properties and is applied directly over the crushed stone base. This can also lengthen the life of your turf, as it is much easier on the turf backing than the bare stone.

An APT shock pad is truly an investment worth making. Shock pads can outlive their original fields and serve as the underlayment for a second or even a third field.

 Glare Resistant

The innovative, quality product that is easy on the eyes


 Melos Infill Bionic Fibre

Melos Infill Bionic Fiber is made from virgin EPDM rubber that is eco-friendly and safe. It uses innovative plastics technology to create a new generation of synthetic turf system that even more closely resemble natural grass turf and guarantees maximum durability. The Bionic Fiber gives you consistent elastic properties and softness that will not freeze, dry out, or compact.

Due to its natural shape, less material is needed in order to achieve the desired cushion. The natural shape also ensures that the infill stays in place, significantly reducing any splashing.

Melos Infill Bionic Fiber promotes some water retention, enhancing its natural sliding characteristics. This also promotes cooler temperature surfaces.


 Resource Conservation

Our full range is sourced from sustainable products.

 Non-Toxic Fumes nor V.O.C's

Our full range present with non-toxic fumes or V.O.C's

 Heavy Metal Free

Our full range is heavy metal free, which means it is extremely safe to play on.


 Thatch Layer

Adding an APT Thatch layer will provide you with:

  • Added stability for dynamic athletic movements
  • Assists in the suspension of infill material, thereby reducing compaction
  • Helps prevent the migration of the infill, reducing infill splash


Installing outdoor sports surfaces demands specific expertise, a high level of precision and experience. To ensure a successful installation we highly recommend that you only use a certified, approved installer. This will ensure that your system has excellent performance characteristics over the entire surface and longevity.


 Care and Maintenance

Synthetic lawn and turf maintenance is a very important factor in short term and long term viability of a synthetic lawn or leisure turf. A good maintenance regime greatly increases the longevity of the synthetic lawn and turf.

It is generally recognised that a major advantage of synthetic turf over natural grass is the greatly reduced maintenance required, however, a minimisation of maintenance does not mean zero maintenance. It is important to realise that a level of maintenance must be performed to ensure the synthetic lawn and turf is kept in top condition.

Supergrasse Baseball installed at the Gardner Webb University, North Carolina, USA. Installed by APT USA

Supergrasse Baseball installed Stanley Ho Sports Centre - Hong Kong

Supergrasse Baseball installed at Baseball Softball Jakarta Intercultural School. Installed by PT Murti Cahaya Wirasaba, Indonesia

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