Hockey Turf Surfaces

We have been developing and producing high quality Poligras® surfaces worldwide for many decades. Each and every day we put our full commitment, expertise and passion into providing clubs and athletes with the perfect hockey turf surface. Extensive research and development is undertaken by a trained team of chemists working with sports professionals to establish the specific characteristics required for Hockey or indeed multi-sport suitability. Our flexibility to accommodate your needs sets us apart from our competitors.

Our systems have been played on from school facilities to Olympic stadiums by amateurs to professionals alike. Our Poligras® Hockey range is a complex, high tech system, which consists of an elastic base layer, the actual turf surface and, if necessary, natural filling materials.

The Surface of Champions

From how to play too out of the box innovation

The Rules of Field Hockey

A beginner’s explanation of the popular game of Hockey. Watch this short tutorial video guide on how to play Field Hockey under Olympic and FIH rules. Learn about goals, lifting, tackling, third party, fouls, long corner, short corner, penalty corner, penalty stroke, penalty shootout and more.

Ninh Ly – Published on Feb 2, 2015

Hockey Innovation

Polytan (an accredited APT agent) were involved with the highly innovated, world class development of the dual synthetic sports field project at UQ Sport campus in St Lucia, Brisbane, Australia in 2016. This project encompassed a Poligras hockey pitch and Ligaturf football surface installed on top of the campus car park. The ingenuity of both product and construction has brought the installation of hockey to a new level of innovation.


Selecting the right hockey turf system for your athletes

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The System for you is:

Poligras® Tokyo GT® is the new world class and sustainable hockey surface on the market. The application of several innovative technologies has redefined the surface of hockey, making it higher performing, faster and now, environmentally friendly. Tokyo GT is the first synthetic hockey turf which features filaments made from over 60% regrowable raw materials. Using BioBased PE we now add a sustainable dimension to the outstanding playing properties of its tried-and-tested polyethylene monofilament fibres. This exciting new development will also redefine the speed of hockey whilst still allowing for first-class playability and performance.

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Tokyo GT® offers the latest in green technology and precise playability. A premium world class surface that is environmentally friendly and perfect for professional and elite hockey pitches.

The System for you is:
Poligras Platinum COOLplus® System

Poligras® Platinum COOLplus® is our fastest and internationally acclaimed wet/ hybrid system developed to meet the highest expectations for professional hockey competition.

The design of this system involves innovative technology to enhance the uniformity of play for premium performance. Softness of the playing surface combined with maximum wear resistance ensures this surface is truly the leading system on the market!

Read more about our top performing, internationally acclaimed, wet/hybrid Poligas Platinum COOLplus >>

The System for you is:

Poligras® Olympia COOLplus® is the superior and highly durable system, promoting excellent playability and comfort for athletes competing at the highest level of competition. Using exclusive yarn, the hockey pitches offer excellent physical play and comfort for the players. The even surface made of texturised monofilament ensures fast-moving styles of play with excellent durability characteristics.

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The System for you is:

Poligras® AquaTurf Evolution a hard wearing, durable and high performance system enabling speed, playability with excellent water efficiency that is popular for state hockey centres and regional facilities.

AquaTurf® Evolution is designed using a special yarn, manufactured in-house, with a unique polymer formulation and fibrillation pattern to improve playability and increase durability whilst offering improved ball roll, reduced friction and turf abrasion resistance.

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The System for you is:
Poligras H2OZ COOLplus® System

Poligras® H2OZ COOLplus® a premium sand dressed system that is soft and high performing, offering durability to ensure longevity whilst maintaining excellent ball roll characteristics, playability and versatility for all levels of play. The system is designed for high standard matches in locations where irrigation is unavailable, restricted or not installed.

Acceptance of the system has been immediate from top players with fields showing quality wear and play characteristics. Multisport activity has extended to these fields adding further income streams and assisting with distribution of wear factors. The system exhibits excellent UV stability and durability due to the exclusive monofilament yarn design.

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The System for you is:

Poligras® AquaTurf SL® the original sand dressed, water-free system featuring springlock technology that promotes durability and playability creating the ideal system for Hockey and multisport applications.

Poligras Aquaturf® SL was first developed in 2005 when FIH began its investigations into the possibility of a water-free synthetic hockey turf. Research and development in yarn construction lead to the manufacture of polyethylene ‘Springlock’ technology which is now manufactured in-house at the APT headquarters.

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Hockey Field Dimensions

Field hockey Pitch Dimensions


Every hockey pitch project is different, whether it be the location, the size of the project, do you require one field or multiple fields, even how supportive the community is, these along with many other factors will play a role in your project. With multiple avenues to navigate ensure you choose a professional contractor to ultimately help manage the project and one who is committed to helping you get the best solution for your facility. Contact our customer service team to discuss your facilities requirements and we will recommend an accredited contractor to suit your needs.

Yes, our Poligras Hockey and Multisport systems do carry an Advanced Polymer Technology Asia Pacific Pty Ltd’s Warranty. The warranty is restricted to materials supplied by APT Asia Pacific only. It expressively excludes all other obligations or liability in connection with any matter or thing, the condition or quality of the Advanced Polymer Technology Australasia playing surface and further, including without limitation, damages for personal injury or damages related to lost revenue, increased costs, down time costs and all other indirect or consequential damages. If at any time during the Warranty period a client feels he/she has a valid warranty claim, and notifies us in writing, we will delegate a representative, within 15 days of the notification, for a joint inspection. If the claim is agreed as valid, then Advanced Polymer Technology Australasia Pty Ltd will carry out the repairs within a period of 30 days. Our technical and sales staff will be available at all times to advise on the care and maintenance of the surface or any questions you may have regarding our Poligras product warranties should any need arise.

It is important to maximise the opportunity to achieve a field’s life expectancy through an effective maintenance. The Equipment Committee of the FIH have put together an maintenance guide, which you can download. If you would like to receive a copy of a Poligras care and maintenance guide please contact us.

Each hockey pitch is different, it has its own unique levels of use, maintenance programs vary and local conditions contribute to the lifetime of a surface. As a guide our Poligras systems can last up to 7-9 years with heavy use (approx. 50 hours per week). Your pitch may continue to perform but you should expect a drop off in quality. There are warning signs of when it is time for you to start considering a resurface, this includes the seams opening up, drainage not working and fibres coming out or being worn down completely, this would be noticeable in the heavy use areas. If you have a regular maintenance program in place and the pitch is tested or inspected annually, it should be possible to forecast when the fields performance starts to decline. If you are unsure or if your field needs a health check please contact us or an APT Accredited Installer to assess your field.

Absolutely, please speak to one of our friendly staff to obtain the necessary specifications for our Poligras product range.

FIH Certification

FIH Certification - Getting your field certified

If you are planning to build or invest in a new hockey facility the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf is here to support you by reducing your risk of ending up with a poor quality or under-performing hockey field. By incorporating the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf into the plans for your new field you can be confident you are working with partners that share our vision of making hockey enjoyable, more affordable and more accessible around the world.

Get your full information on how to integrate the FIH Quality Programme for Hockey Turf into your building programme to ensure you are headed in the right direction for a safe, affordable and sustainable field here >>