Poligras® H2Oz COOLplus

Poligras H2OZ COOLplus System

Qualiback ‘Hybrid Emulsion’ secondary backing, for greater seam strength. glue adhesion – for dimensional stability and increased system longevity.

Elastic layer shockpad – engineered for elite performance and successfully reused on multiple resurfacing projects.

Asphalt layer – for project longevity and precision, controlled by trained in-house professionals to meet stringent FIH construction tolerances.

Hybrid Sand Infill

Polyethylene texturised monofilament sports fibre, for excellent play characteristics in dry condition. Finely grained kiln dried ‘sand-dressed’ infill.

Poligras H2OZ COOLplus


The water efficient choice with excellent player movement and accelerating, turning and slowing down.


Poligras H2OZ COOLplus

Poligras® H2OZ COOLplus® is an FIH Approved system having multiple references tested to National level for sand dressed hockey surfacing systems. The system is designed Designed to provide a soft surface with proven ‘dry play’ performance for high standard matches in locations where irrigation is unavailable, restricted or not installed.

Acceptance of the system has been immediate from top players with fields showing quality wear and play characteristics. Multisport activity has extended to these fields adding further income streams and assisting with distribution of wear factors. The system exhibits excellent UV stability and durability due to the exclusive monofilament yarn design. The Strip glue adhesion utilised to provide dimensional stability and enable proven reuse of the elastic layer underlay, the Sand dressed infill will ensure longevity and excellent ball roll.

  • Durable
  • The exclusive fibre assists player movements when accelerating, turning and slowing down
  • The high wear resistance of the fibres guarantees stable and consistent playing qualities
  • Water efficient
  • Low abrasion
  • Multisport capability
  • Optional dry or wet use
  • Ideal surface where irrigation is not possible or restricted


Rate of PlayHeavyModerateLight
Hours per week503010
Recommended resurface time (yrs)7–99–1010+

Certified & Preferred

The high quality and excellent playing properties of our synthetic turfs have also been verified by numerous seals of quality and certificates. Our synthetic turf systems meet the current national standards and can be tested and certified according to FIH requirements (International Hockey Federation).

All our synthetic surfaces comply with the current national and international standards, including all environmental requirements. The consistent high quality of our surfaces is ensured 100% by final inspection and testing according to our ISO 9001 certification. Our hockey fields can be tested and certified according to FIH requirements (International Hockey Federation).

Poligras® is the exclusive FIH preferred pitch supplier.

FIHISO 9001 Certified System

 Force Reduction

Force reduction evaluates a surface's ability to reduce impact force. This mostly relates to impacts generated by lower extremities, for example an athlete running. Our sport surfaces offer greatly reduces tissue damage, joint impact and sports related injuries and player fatigue.

 Energy Return

With a high force reduction your sports surface will also provide you with a high energy return, this helps players play long and reduces recover times.

 Elastic Layer Shockpad

The shock absorption layer of the Poligras® system is installed on site and consists of recycled SBR granules and bonding agents to ensure that the Poligras® synthetic surface is both stable and yielding to protect the athletes. Factors that are key in sports physiology, such as shock absorption and deformation, are permanently kept within a precisely defined value range thanks to the special APT formulation.

 Water-permeable surface

Track surfaces, in general fall into two categories: permeable (or porous) meaning water drains through the surface, and impermeable (or non-porous), meaning water drains and/or evaporates off the surface. The surface for you will depend on your geographical site location, weather conditions and other factors.

 Grip and Traction infill

Depending on the application and type of turf, Poligras® systems are either unfilled or ‘dressed’ with kiln dried sand. The infill granules are an extremely important component of the system for non-irrigated pitches, as the granules allow the necessary grip and adequate traction when changing speed or direction as well as provides realistic ball rolling behaviour.


 Secondary Backing

QUALIBACK HYBRID EMULSION: Extensive research and development led to the highly successful 'Hybrid Emulsion' secondary backing coating to replace outdated technology. The upgrade of this critical system component is based on our chemical manufacturing excellence for formulating acrylic and polyurethane coatings. In-house manufacture and application of the revolutionary 'Hybrid Emulsion' secondary backing for artificial turf is a substantial improvement from conventional and outdated SBR latex.

 COOLplus Technology

Poligras H2 COOLplus® features our proprietary infrared-reflective COOLplus® sports yarn technology. Our proprietary COOLplus® yarn technology does not absorb infrared rays, translating into less molecular vibration and cooler surface temperatures. Studies show COOLplus® surface temperatures are consistently 10-20% lower than the competitive systems. The result is better player comfort and reduced need for irrigation!

 Full Adhesion with Qualipur Seaming Adhesive

QUALIPUR SEAMING ADHESIVE: In-house manufacture of this polyurethane seaming adhesive creates unmatched seam strength. This increases the durability and longevity of seams which means fields have a much longer overall life expectancy. This strength also supports the athletes as there is no cause for lifting of the seams endangering player safety.

 Entanglement Technology

The exclusive 'Entanglement Technology' is a proprietary feature of the Polytex fibres, which interlaces the molecular chains in the turf fibre into a three dimensional matrix. The result is an exceptionally soft surface and greater protection against splicing with optimum playing properties and a considerably longer lifespan.


 Recycled Rubber

Our full range contains recycled rubber which has been washed and prepared for use.

 Heavy Metal Free

Our full range is heavy metal free, which means it is extremely safe to play on.

 Resource Conservation

Our full range is sourced from sustainable products.



Installing outdoor sports surfaces demands specific expertise, a high level of precision and experience. To ensure a successful installation we highly recommend that you only use a certified, approved installer. This will ensure that your system has excellent performance characteristics over the entire surface and longevity.


The high quality and excellent playing properties of our synthetic turfs have also been verified by numerous seals of quality and certificates. Our hockey pitches meet the current national and international standards with completed Poligras fields meeting requirements of the various sport requirements – an achievement that makes us particularly proud.


 Care and Maintenance

The construction of a hockey pitch and its associated facilities represents a significant capital investment and major influence on the enjoyment and potential development of the sport in the local and wider community.

To maximise the benefits that a synthetic hockey pitch can provide a key factor that cannot be over emphasized is the implementation of the correct maintenance regime. Our maintenance guidelines are provided for use by the players, facility maintenance personnel and contracted professionals. The information contained covers regular and frequently occurring cleaning and maintenance matters required to maintain a Poligras pitch.

Synthetic sports surfaces generally require far less maintenance and upkeep than natural surfaces. However no synthetic sports surface is 100% maintenance free, regular maintenance and cleaning of synthetic sports surfaces is required to keep them at their optimal playing condition.

Please contact us to obtain a copy of our maintenance guide.

Poligras H2OZ COOLplus

2012 London Olympics
Lee Valley Hockey - Eton Manor - London

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