Indoor Courts

Indoor Courts

We offer surfaces for both indoor and outdoor basketball play. Our ‘dual durometer’ flooring system for indoors is an environmentally friendly, seamless, low maintenance surface. Different performance characteristics can be achieved using various system levels of shock absorption and surface firmness. Our surfaces for outdoor basketball courts are utilised more in wet or damp conditions due to their superior texture and grip. It is a popular choice for community-funded facilities as they find new ways to increase utilisation and physical activity. The same systems are being installed at clubs and schools as they introduce a new generation of players into basketball.

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Selecting the right system for your athletes

The System for you is:

The Dynapoint Classic is a true “Dual Durometer” sports and multi-functional flooring system.

Dynapoint Classic is a resilient, seamless sandwich indoor sports flooring system. Composed of prefabricated recycled rubber mat adhered to the substrate and coated with a minimum 2mm premium polyurethane wear coat. Finished with two layers of premium polyurethane matte top coats.

The unique Qualipur resins exclusive to APT are designed for superior performance, durability and easy maintenance. The result is an exceptionally multi-use surface with optimum playing properties and a considerably longer lifespan.

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This system preference is


Sports you can play on this system


The system can be applied on


This system can be constructed on


This system will provide the following ball bounce

  • SLOW
  • FAST

This system can be applied


If required, this system can be line marked for multiple sporting codes

  • YES
  • NO

Cushion level / Force Reduction this system provides

  • 14%
  • 17%
  • 20%
  • 30%

Colour Options

Basketball Court Colour Options


Every indoor court project is different, whether it be the location, the size of the project, do you require one court or multiple courts, there are many factors playing a role in your project. With multiple avenues to navigate ensure you choose a professional contractor to ultimately help manage your project, one who is committed to helping you get the best solution for your facility. Contact our customer service team to discuss your facilities requirements and we will recommend an accredited contractor to suit your needs.

Yes, our Dynapoint systems do carry an Advanced Polymer Technology Asia Pacific Pty Ltd’s Warranty. The warranty is restricted to materials supplied by APT Asia Pacific only. It expressively excludes all other obligations or liability in connection with any matter or thing, the condition or quality of the Advanced Polymer Technology Australasia playing surface and further, including without limitation, damages for personal injury or damages related to lost revenue, increased costs, down time costs and all other indirect or consequential damages. If at any time during the Warranty period a client feels he/she has a valid warranty claim, and notifies us in writing, we will delegate a representative, within 15 days of the notification, for a joint inspection. If the claim is agreed as valid, then Advanced Polymer Technology Australasia Pty Ltd will carry out the repairs within a period of 30 days. Our technical and sales staff will be available at all times to advise on the care and maintenance of the surface or any questions you may have regarding our Dynapoint product warranties should any need arise.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the Dynapoint surface is required to ensure the beneficial features of our Dynapoint sports floor are kept and not cause damage. However, the amount of maintenance required will depend largely on the court usage. Contaminants and debris should be removed promptly. For specific cleaning and maintenance instructions please contact our friendly staff.

Each indoor court is different, it has its own unique levels of use, maintenance programs vary and local conditions contribute to the lifetime of a surface. If you are unsure or if your court needs a health check please contact us or an APT Accredited Installer to assess your court.

Absolutely, please speak to one of our friendly staff to obtain the necessary specifications for our Dynapoint product range.

Carlton Football Club

Carlton Football Club - Ikon Park Indoor Facility

Home of the Carlton Football Club, this project involved the construction of a new two-level “state of the art” training facility. The new facility included a gym, warm up area, ‘altitude’ room, aquatic centre, function space, cafe, sports consulting suites and administration space. Dynapoint was used on the Carlton Football Club surface.

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