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Tennis Clay Courts

Clay courts are called “soft courts” whether they are natural or synthetic they provide a slower playing experience than hard courts and grass courts, providing excellent shot capabilities, players simply develop the ability to become patient whilst playing on a clay court surface.

Artificial clay courts have the added advantage of rapid drainage which allows for play in all weather without affecting the surface. Providing a real clay look, a player can still experience the slides that natural clay courts provide. This along with similar surface speed, bounce and comfort whilst playing, as it reduces muscles stress with a softer and smoother playing surface.

The turf option is sand dressed adding  consistency to the court developed using UV stable yarn. Suitable for indoor or outdoor, with grass line markings already installed, so heavy use areas won’t wear off as quickly, as painted on natural clay surface.

Policlay systems are an advanced synthetic clay court technology combining chemical and analytical research on natural clay court characteristics.

Pave or Turf, It's Your Choice

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The Difference Between: Hard, Clay and Grass Tennis Courts

This video compiled by Valzy from You Tube explains the difference between a hard, clay and grass courts. It is a great overview of the different types of play, ball bounce and speed, and player comfort.

Published: June 15, 2017

How to slide on clay like a pro

In this video, coaches Simon and Alex break down some of the different types of sliding techniques. The three main ways of sliding on clay are: Slide then hit, Slide and hit at same time, Hit then slide

Published: Top Tennis Training – Learn Tennis Online
Published on May 13, 2015

Selecting the right system for your athletes

A true clay court alternate
The premium system
The System for you is:

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The System for you is:

Policlay Pave – Accurately mimics the characteristics of a true clay court, whilst providing ideal sliding properties, playing consistency, but without the high maintenance requirements. Policlay Pave provides even slide behaviour and its excellent water permeability makes it possible for play shortly after rain, extending playing hours ensuring a higher utilisation with lower maintenance requirements.

Constructed on site consisting a base layer of recycled brick chippings, thickened and paved with the high performance binding agent and topped with finely crushed recycled brick tile. PVC line marking is permanently integrated into the surface layer promoting consistent playing characteristics all year round.

Read more about our true synthetic clay alternate, Policlay Pave >>

The System for you is:
Poligras Platinum COOLplus® System

Policlay Turf – A durable and long lasting surface that is low in maintenance, offering consistent playing characteristics that is suitable for a club or community level. Manufactured in-house, installed and infilled on site with select coloured sand designed to play and slide just like a natural clay court. Tufted-in line marking is permanently integrated into the turf layer promoting consistent playing characteristics all year round. Policlay maintenance is minimal, as rolling and watering are eliminated and bagging is only required once a day instead of after every set.

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Level of maintenance required
  • LOW
  • HIGH
Does the court require minimal watering?
  • YES
  • NO
Level of slidability
  • HIGH
Ball bounce characteristics
  • SLOW
  • FAST
Level of play

Tennis Court Dimensions


Every tennis court project is different, whether it be the location, the size of the project, do you require one court or multiple courts, there are many other factors playing a role in your project. With multiple avenues to navigate ensure you choose a professional contractor to ultimately help manage your project, one who is committed to helping you get the best solution for your facility. Contact our customer service team to discuss your facilities requirements and we will recommend an accredited contractor to suit your needs.

Yes, Policlay does carry an Advanced Polymer Technology Asia Pacific Pty Ltd’s Warranty. The warranty is restricted to materials supplied by APT Asia Pacific only. It expressively excludes all other obligations or liability in connection with any matter or thing, the condition or quality of the Advanced Polymer Technology Australasia playing surface and further, including without limitation, damages for personal injury or damages related to lost revenue, increased costs, down time costs and all other indirect or consequential damages. If at any time during the Warranty period a client feels he/she has a valid warranty claim, and notifies us in writing, we will delegate a representative, within 15 days of the notification, for a joint inspection. If the claim is agreed as valid, then Advanced Polymer Technology Australasia Pty Ltd will carry out the repairs within a period of 30 days. Our technical and sales staff will be available at all times to advise on the care and maintenance of the surface or any questions you may have regarding our Policlay product warranties should any need arise.

It is important to maximise the opportunity to achieve a courts life expectancy through an effective maintenance. Although it is generally recognised that synthetic turf has a major advantage over natural turf in respect to the reduced level of maintenance and need for annual field rejuvenation, there is still a need for programmed routine and special maintenance activities.

For specific cleaning and maintenance instructions please contact our friendly staff.

Each clay court is different, it has its own unique levels of use, maintenance programs vary and local conditions contribute to the lifetime of a surface. If you are unsure or if your court needs a health check please contact us or an APT Accredited Installer to assess your court.
Absolutely, please speak to one of our friendly staff to obtain the necessary specifications for our Policlay product range.