Policlay® Turf


Substrate Layer (road base, asphalt, concrete, or… existing acrylic hardcourt or synthetic turf)

Select coloured Infil

Policlay Turf Layer

Policlay Turf


The waterless synthetic clay system.


Policlay Pave

Our POLICLAY systems are an advancement in synthetic clay court technology by combining chemical and analytical research on natural clay court characteristics. Speed of court, ball bounce, player slide and natural appearance have all been incorporated in the development which has produced both surface construction options; PAVE or TURF the choice is yours.

  • Water free
  • Ultra fast drainage
  • Low maintenance

POLICLAY Turf is manufactured in-house, installed and infilled on site with select coloured sand designed to play and slide just like a natural clay court. Tufted-in line marking is permanently integrated into the turf layer promoting consistent playing characteristics all year round. POLICLAY Turf maintenance is minimal, as rolling and watering are eliminated and bagging is only required once a day instead of after every set.


Policlay Pave Comparison

  • Surface speed comparable to natural clay
  • Player slide characteristics comparable to natural clay
  • Ball bounce comparable to natural clay
  • Natural clay appearance
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • High UV stability and proven yarn
  • No potential for cracks
  • Rapid drainage properties
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quality assured manufacture to ISO 9001:2000


Policlay is manufactured in our ISO9001 certified factory in Melbourne Victoria. APT Asia Pacific is a global leader in the development and manufacture of innovative, high performance and environmentally friendly sports and recreational surfacing systems. The complete range includes synthetic grass for every application as well as polyurethane-based surfaces for running tracks, indoor gymnasium flooring and children's playgrounds.

ISO 9001 Certified System

 Cushioned System

APT’s slip resistant surface coating which is made up of several layers of cushioning designed to protect the athlete so you can play for longer without tiring or risking an injury.

 High Energy Return

With a high force reduction your sports surface will also provide you with a high energy return, this helps players play long and reduces recover times.

 Glare Resistant

The innovative, quality product that is easy on the eyes

 Cooler to play on than Asphalt

 High Force Reduction

Force reduction evaluates a surface’s ability to reduce impact force. This mostly relates to impacts generated by lower extremities, for example an athlete running. Our sport surfaces offer greatly reduces tissue damage, joint impact and sports related injuries and player fatigue.


 Entanglement Technology

The 'Entanglement Technology' in the sports fibre interlaces the molecular chains in the turf fibre into a three dimensional shape. The result is an exceptionally soft surface and greater protection against splicing with optimum playing properties and a considerably longer lifespan.


 Environmentally friendly

Our full range is sourced from renewable resources with over 60% being made from rapidly renewable resources

 Heavy Metal Free

Our full range is heavy metal free, which means it is extremely safe to play on.



Installing outdoor sports surfaces demands specific expertise, a high level of precision and experience. To ensure a successful installation we highly recommend that you only use a certified, approved installer. This will ensure that your system has excellent performance characteristics over the entire surface and longevity. The installation of a Policlay surface is 4 major steps:

  • Adhesive troweled onto backing tapes

  • Base line taped and glued into place

  • Clay sand infill spread evenly via hoppers across courts

  • Infill groomed into surface


 Care and Maintenance

POLICLAY Turf maintenance is minimal, as rolling and watering are eliminated and bagging is only required once a day instead of after every set.

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