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Laykold Masters Float

Masters Float

The premium cutting edge system with 21% force reduction made from recycled tennis balls with a prefabricated shockpad for advanced player comfort.


Laykold Masters Float

Laykold® Masters Float is our cutting-edge polyurethane/rubber/acrylic composite court systems. Each utilizes a custom pre-fabricated shockpad for advanced player comfort and is made from recycled tennis balls and coated with LM acrylics for consistent ball bounce, reliable footing and staying power.

  • 5-year warranty
  • Designed to bridge cracks or moving substrates on all courts
  • Excellent for rooftop installations
  • Permanent cushion utilising recycled tennis balls
  • 21% force reduction
  • Superior abrasion and UV resistance
  • Multisport applications
  • Manufactured by APT in an ISO 9001 Quality Assured and ISO 14001 Environmentally Conscious facility
  • Custom colors available

The Laykold® family of systems are acrylic sports surfaces that can be customised to achieve the desired performance, playability and appearance, making it an incredibly cost-effective way to breathe new life into asphalt or concrete surfaces. Low maintenance and resurfacing costs can extend a court’s playing life or transform it completely.

Laykold® is the official surface of the Miami Open and has been since 1984. It is a popular choice for community-funded facilities as they find new ways to increase utilization and physical activity. Laykold® is used in premier tennis facilities across the world and is also widely used for pickleball, basketball, soccer, game courts and in-line skating.


Laykold® Advantage is manufactured in our ISO9001 certified factory in Melbourne Victoria. APT Asia Pacific is a global leader in the development and manufacture of innovative, high performance and environmentally friendly sports and recreational surfacing systems. The complete range includes synthetic grass for every application as well as polyurethane-based surfaces for running tracks, indoor gymnasium flooring and children's playgrounds.

Please note our Laykold Advantage Gel systems can only be installed by a select group of trained and approved professional installers, geographically located throughout Asia Pacific.

ISO 9001 Certified System

Our most popular colours

Colour Chart for Professional and Recreational Sporting Surfaces. Colours are as accurate as possible. Slight variations may occur due to job site conditions, mixing proportions and installation methods. Custom colours are available upon request.

Download Laykold Standard Colour Chart(876 KB)

Dark Green


Medium Green


Dark Blue


Aussie Blue


Kooyong Blue


Light Blue


Royal Purple












Download Laykold Vibrant Colour Chart(679 KB)

 Cushioned System

APT’s slip resistant surface coating which is made up of several layers of cushioning designed to protect the athlete so you can play for longer without tiring or risking an injury.

 High Energy Return

With a high force reduction your sports surface will also provide you with a high energy return, this helps players play long and reduces recover times.

 Superior non-slip performance

Surfaces can become wet or moist through rain, liquid spills and splashes, routine cleaning and water tracking from outside. APT’s slip resistant surface coating which is made up of several layers of cushioning designed to protect the athlete so you can play for longer without tiring or risking an injury.

 High Force Reduction

Force reduction evaluates a surface’s ability to reduce impact force. This mostly relates to impacts generated by lower extremities, for example an athlete running. Our sport surfaces offer greatly reduces tissue damage, joint impact and sports related injuries and player fatigue.

 Glare Resistant

The innovative, quality product that is easy on the eyes

 Cooler to play on than Asphalt



 Factory textured top coat

 Technology to bridge cracks and moving substrates


 Environmentally friendly

Our full range is sourced from renewable resources with over 60% being made from rapidly renewable resources

 Heavy Metal Free

Our full range is heavy metal free, which means it is extremely safe to play on.

 Recycled Content

This product contains recycled tennis balls which have been washed and prepared for use. The recycled tennis balls provides permanent cushion.



Installing outdoor sports surfaces demands specific expertise, a high level of precision and experience. To ensure a successful installation we highly recommend that you only use a certified, approved installer. This will ensure that your system has excellent performance characteristics over the entire surface and longevity.

 5 Year Warranty

The high quality and excellent playing properties of our synthetic surfaces have also been verified by numerous seals of quality and certificates. Our netball systems meet the current national and international standards with completed installations meeting requirements of the various sporting codes – an achievement that makes us particularly proud.


 Care and Maintenance

To maintain the playing and appearance quality of your Laykold Advantage Acrylic Court System, minimal but regular maintenance of the surface, generally sweeping debris off the surface with a bristle broom and hosing down with domestic quality water will keep the court in good condition.

The aspects of maintenance are generally covered under four areas:

  • Dirt contamination
  • Mould growth due to tree/plant contamination
  • Food and drink contamination
    • Specific contamination
    • Fruit bat droppings
    • Bird and wildlife contamination
    • Shoe sole marks
    • Oil/grease marks

Please contact us to obtain a copy of our maintenance guide.


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