APT and Sport Group are putting sustainability at the heart of our business strategy. We are determined to collaborate with our suppliers and customers to clearly demonstrate industry leadership in this space and differentiate ourselves from our competitors.


Our R&D approach follows the principles of eco-design meaning that we heavily pursue the development of possibilities to increase the use of recycled / renewable input materials within our products. At the same time, the recyclability at the end of the products’ life cycles is always considered from the very beginning of the product engineering cycle.

Carbon emissions

Across our production facilities we are increasingly switching to renewables as the main source of energy. By 2021 Sport Group had achieved a 25% reduction in GHG emissions (Scope 1 & 2) compared to the baseline year 2018. Sport Group’s carbon intensity (Scope 1 & 2) had reduced by 30% compared to the baseline year 2018. In order to monitor our emissions on the path to zero emissions by 2050 we have committed ourselves to annual CO2 emissions tracking and reporting.

Renewable Energy

As a globally operating group with large-scale industrial production, renewable energy sourcing represents a substantial opportunity to minimise our organisations’ impact on the climate and environment. Over the last 5 years, APT and Sport Group have managed to significantly increase our renewable energy share across the production side of the business and are on track to further grow the share of renewables. We are aiming to reach at least 55% of renewable electricity by 2025.

Circular Economy

We have introduced a number of product developments to simplify end-of-life turf recycling, such as partially replacing synthetic raw materials with biodegradable ones. Another innovative example of effective eco-design is the incorporation of mono-material solutions. Products which are engineered following this approach are disassembled more easily into pure raw materials which can then be used to produce entirely new products.

Play on.

Green Technology.

Our Green Technology® combines advanced expertise from the plastics industry with the climate-protecting benefits of renewable raw materials, alternative technologies and recycling.

Sport Group Asia Pacific is proud to be a founding partner of Australia’s first synthetic turf recovery & recycling service.

RE4ORM is an Australian first sustainability service that diverts synthetic turf from landfill through the recovery, reuse, recycling and reduction of sand, rubber & plastic to create products that can be employed within the synthetic turf and other industries.

Supported by Sustainability Victoria and the Victorian State Government, RE4ORM’s circular motivation is closing the loop by utilising Australia’s first synthetic turf recovery & recycling facility in Barnawartha, near the Victoria-NSW border. It is due to open in August 2023.