The Importance of grip to avoid the slip!

The potential for slipping and injuring ourselves both inside and outside the home, requires constant vigilance. This means anti-slip flooring is an important part of our daily lives, from slipping in the bathtub to slipping in supermarkets, shopping malls and even on wet or algae covered boat ramps. There are numerous hazards that can cause us to slip, fall and injure ourselves.

At home it’s easy to counter slippery surfaces by using a suction mat in the  bathtub or using non-slip underlays to prevent rugs from moving around. Outside our homes, however, we have to rely on others to ensure that walkable surfaces are not slippery. This brings us to sports surfaces, because if not constructed with an eye to safety, many of these surfaces can possess low slip resistance. Outdoor netball and tennis courts immediately spring to mind. So how can you increase the slip resistance of your sports surfaces?

Laykold Advantage Gel – high slip resistant sports surfaces

The development of APT sports surfaces has injury prevention as a priority and in continuing to strive for excellence, we have created the Laykold Advantage sports surface. This is a high performing and  long-lasting surface that’s ideal for indoor and outdoor courts. It provides superior slip resistance, injury prevention, fatigue reduction, player comfort and optimal performance.

Laykold Advantage is our response to the issue of slippery surfaces experienced by many players at the local, national or international level. The Laykold Advantage surface is a high-tech court system manufactured from more than 60% renewable resources. It provides an all-weather solution to the problem of injuries caused by slippery surfaces, as well as reducing player fatigue and offering a superior player experience.

True fence-to-fence cushioning

The Laykold Advantage sports surface provides consistent and reliable footing with true fence-to-fence cushioning to players. This type of cushioning is revolutionary in the tennis and sports court market, ensuring consistency in both ball speed and non-slip resistance.

Moreover, the  ground-breaking technology behind the Laykold Advantage sports surface means that it still retains 95% to 98% of its high level of cushioning after ten years. This puts it in direct contrast to the standard cushion technology that causes sports surfaces to significantly deteriorate and lose its cushioning ability over time.

In fact, Laykold Advantage sport surfaces are unique because they are composed of a mixed elastic surface, which is  created using state-of-the-art cushioning technology, exclusive to APT.

Injury prevention & superior player performance

Preventing injuries and maximising performance are two important features of the Laykold Advantage sport surfaces. Injury prevention is enhanced by reducing the force of impact when compared to a concrete floor. Also known as shock absorption, this feature of the Laykold Advantage Gel surface leads to increased player comfort, due to a force reduction of up to 17%, resulting in an exceptionally high level of impact protection.

Optimising player performance is achieved by the energy return that’s in-built into these gel surfaces. This means the kinetic energy created by the player’s foot depressing the surface is stored and returned to the player as they move. This energy return increases endurance and performance by reducing fatigue and recovery times at the end of the game.

All of this means that the Laykold Advantage sports surface reduces injuries and fatigue, whilst optimising performance and maximising player comfort.