artificial turf for sport

Benefits of Upgrading Natural Grass Fields with Artificial Turf

Whether you’re a school or sporting facility, keeping your turf in tip-top condition is one of your biggest priorities. The problem is that it doesn’t take much to ruin the turf and make it unsuitable for sporting activities. Too much rain turns it into a muddy mess, too little rain and you have a dry wasteland.

It’s even worse in Australia when we have prolonged droughts and heavy rainfalls, topped off by a rapid growth in sporting activities and a lack of appropriate venues. All of this means that keeping your facility’s sporting fields healthy can be wishful thinking. The solution, however, is to install synthetic turf for a variety of very good reasons.

Superior appearance and durability

The popular idea of artificial turf is that it looks fake. Twenty years ago, that might have been true, but not anymore. Now it’s very difficult to tell the difference between fake grass and real grass, except that artificial turf always looks healthy and is long lasting. Your sporting fields will look beautiful, green and well maintained all year round, regardless of the weather. It’s definitely an upgrade on real turf!

For added durability, APT Asia Pacific have produced a shock pad layer, which can be installed underneath artificial turf to prevent players from experiencing harmful injuries such as concussions and so on.

No bare patches or compaction

Heavily trafficked areas on sports fields on natural turf become worn away and compacted very quickly. This hard-bare soil can easily cause injuries, which isn’t a good result when you’re promoting sporting activities. The appearance of your sporting fields covered in bare hard patches also isn’t very good for business. Artificial turf eliminates these problems, because there is no compaction and no worn out patches, just perfect turf, regardless of season.

No weeds and other seed growth

Unless you pay constant attention, your sporting fields will become inundated with weeds and other grass species. These species crowd out your turf grass, reducing traction and creating an unstable surface that causes players to slip or lose their footing. On the other hand, artificial turf is durable, resistant to weeds growth and provides a constant stable footing surface for your athletes.

No standing water and mud

Inadequate drainage combined with bare patches of ground result in muddy patches and puddles on natural turf. This makes the ground slippery, causes players or runners to fall over, the balls don’t bounce properly, and the soil can become compacted. Just playing one event on soil that’s too wet and muddy can damage the turf for the rest of the season. Artificial turf, however, doesn’t collect as much standing water and doesn’t contain any soil. So, there’s no mud or puddles and no compaction, meaning there’s no problem playing or running the day after a major rain event.

Save money with synthetic turf

When you don’t have to mow, whipper snip, water and fertilise your turf, you’re saving lots of time and money. You can also play more often, because the turf doesn’t need to recover between games, bringing in more revenue for your sporting facility. You also don’t need to invest in ride on mowers and their ongoing maintenance as well. Artificial turf does still require some low maintenance, but your overall budget will be reduced dramatically.

APT is the only turf manufacturer to make our yarns here in Australia. We are also the only synthetic turf manufacturer in Australia with quality certified by the International Standards Organisation (ASNZS ISO 9001:2015). Made specifically for Australian conditions, our products come with warranties of up to 15 years.

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